Our Sheep Dog Holiday Program is in full swing! We are sponsoring and assisting 10 Sheep Dog families for Thanksgiving & an additional 10 families for Christmas. If you are interested in sponsoring or adopting a Sheep Dog family this Holiday Season please let us know. You can donate money or support materials (Thanksgiving meal items such as canned vegetables, desert, etc…& or the same for Christmas, to include toys for the children) towards our Sheep Dog adoption program, or you can adopt an entire Sheep Dog family. We have identified 10 families that need our assistance this Thanksgiving and are working on identifying an additional 10 families for Christmas. Contact us directly if you are interested in supporting our Holiday program and our efforts to adopt Sheep Dog Families in Need.

The list of families include four military, three law enforcement, and three fire & rescue. We will not list names, but we can provide family size, to include the age and sex of the children if you are interested in adopting a family for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

We greatly appreciate your support!
Contact info…
(501) 291-0464