SDIA Deploying DR Teams to Florida

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is deploying a Disaster Response (DR) Team to Florida to assist with Hurricane Ian recovery efforts.The DR Team will depart from Northwest Arkansas this Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 0900, and will return on Friday, October 7. SDIA Teams and Chapters in the southeastern US will also be deploying volunteers who will meet up with the NWA team in the Atlanta area or at the final/staging location in the Ft. Myers, FL area. Details and locations are still being finalized.ALL DR VOLUNTEERS MUST REGISTER, ELECTRONICALLY SIGN OUR WAIVER, AND HAVE MEDICAL INSURANCE TO DEPLOY.

Click Here to Submit your Volunteer Registration

If you are available to deploy, please CLICK THE BUTTON ABOVE. After registering, you will be added to the list of DR volunteers and will receive deployment details and recommended gear.

Deployment Details:

DR Team will depart from Northwest AR on Sun., October 2, at 0900....

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SDIA Hosts Vet Centers for Epic Outdoor Adventures

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) Outdoor Adventures, in conjunction with 2nd Mountain Adventures, has had the privilege of hosting four Outdoor Adventures for District 3 Vet Centers over the last couple of months. Men and women veterans of different ages came together in physically challenging activities to foster camaraderie, peer support, and healing. In doing so, they have also built relationships with one another … relationships stemming from sharing similar experiences and traumas. These relationships, and the engagement of helping these warrior veterans Get Off The Couch™, is vital for the continued healing and renewed sense of belonging and purpose for these outstanding men and women.

"I enjoyed the cave crawl, as it was incredibly symbolic to me. Crawling down into that deep dark hole to sit in that small space, where literally tons and tons of weight sat on top of you, and then pulling yourself out of that deep hole you put yourself in had so much layered meaning...

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THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this Disaster Response Mission to help the people of eastern Kentucky.Whether you have given financially, deployed on the mission, donated supplies, or however you have given back, SDIA could not help the residents of Floyd, Breathitt and Letcher Counties in Kentucky begin to recover without each and every one of you.


6 Teams/Chapters and Members from 8 states responded (AR, GA, IN, KY, NC, OH, PA, TX) 73 SDIA Members & Volunteers deployed 800+ man hours of work 28 structures mucked out, including City Hall Temporary City Hall & 2 Distribution Centers set up 2,699 residents assisted, including 201 Veterans and 165 First Responders With approval of Mayor & Police Chief, Teams conducted site surveys, medical/welfare checks, administered tetanus shots Teams distributed: 1,831 cs water; 11,969 lbs food; and 2,990 lbs medical, cleaning, hygiene supplies (including clothing and other items).

SDIA Greater Cincinnati Chapter Commander, Dave Jardon, was interviewed by...

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SDIA Deploying to Eastern KY for Flood Recovery

The images are coming in from our Disaster Response Team on the ground in Letcher, Kentucky, and the devastation is the worst they have seen in many years.If you are within 500 miles/10 hours driving time of Jenkins, KY, and willing and able to do challenging muck out and other physical work, please join our Disaster Response Team TODAY!THIS IS A NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION, but specifically those who are near the flooding. Your neighbors need you now!SDIA will have a team departing Northwest Arkansas this Wednesday, August 3, 2022, at 0900. Others outside the NWA area and along the route to the rally point can link up with the Team along the way. All volunteers will return on Sunday, August 7.

Register to Deploy

If you are available to deploy, please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. After registering, you will receive deployment details and a recommended gear list.NATIONAL Deployment Details:

A DR Team departed from Northwest AR...

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Warrior PATHH Training Facility at Heroes Ranch


We are making steady progress on the Warrior PATHH Training Facility out at Heroes Ranch at Rush Springs and it is so exciting to see! The Main Lodge is nearly “in the dry” and then the crews will move inside to work.

With material and supply chain disruptions, it is unlikely that we will make our original Grand Opening date of November 11, 2022, but we are working hard to get it done.

Like everyone else, SDIA has been affected by cost increases on fuel, building materials, supplies and just about everything else. As a result our Facility is over budget by 25%. To offset this and anticipated future overages, SDIA is looking for individuals and companies to partner with us by donating supplies, labor, fixtures, etc.


We have created registries with specific items needed for the build, and we invite you to purchase and donate any items of your choosing.

Walmart RegistryLowe’s RegistryAmazon Registry


Our immediate needs for donated/deeply discounted...

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Happy 12th Birthday to US!

For the past 12 years, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) has been honored and humbled to engage, assist and empower our nation's heroes - our Sheep Dogs.But it is only with your support that have we been able to accomplish our mission.Here's a quick look at what YOU have accomplished during our 12 years through giving your time, money and resources to SDIA for our Veterans and First Responders.

Outdoor Adventures - Nearly 200 adventures like hunting, fishing, skydiving, RZR riding, boating, obstacle course races and much more. More than 2,600 sponsored Sheep Dogs from across the US have benefited from the camaraderie and healing of being with fellow Sheep Dogs. Warrior PATHH 13 Courses completed in Northwest Arkansas/Southwestern Missouri. Nearly 200 Veterans and First Responders have learned practices and tools to make peace with their past, live in the present, and plan for a great future. Continued Service...

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Who is SDIA in 30 Seconds!

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance is a nationally recognized nonprofit that exists to engage, assist, and empower our nation's veterans and first responders to #GetOffTheCouch and re-engage in living active, meaningful, and productive lives.

We achieve this through Outdoor Adventures which physically ENGAGE our nation's heroes, the Warrior PATHH program which ASSISTS in transforming their struggles into strength, and Service opportunities that EMPOWER them to continue giving back.

To find out more, go to ...

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Carry The Load – Join the SDIA Team!

For our 6th year, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) has been selected as a Non-Profit Partner by Carry The Load. This is a tremendous honor and opportunity for our organization. Through this partnership, we can tell our story and what we do to a wider audience than ever before, while honoring the true meaning of Memorial Day and symbolically “Carry The Load” of those we’ve lost. 100% of funds raised/donated through the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Company Team go directly to fund SDIA programs.

There are many ways to get involved, and you don’t have to attend a Carry The Load event to participate with us. Whether at your home or elsewhere, you can “Carry It Anywhere” and still help raise awareness and funds for this event!

How to Get Started

Click Here to Start

This will take you to the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Company Team page on the Carry...

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