Bites and Stings

Insect bites are usually more painful than dangerous, (unless the person stung is allergic to certain types of stings), i.e. bee stings. To treat stings, carefully remove the stinger if present and if available apply a cold compress. Bandage like a scrape or cut. A small amount of swelling is normal.

Ticks present another issue. To remove, gently twist and pull. After the tick is off carefully inspect the site to insure the head is also gone. If the head is still present remove it with a pair of tweezers or a small knife. A small amount of swelling is normal.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do with a venomous bite or sting in a survival setting. Snakebites are often defensive and not venomous. Nevertheless, tell the victim to remain calm, treat for shock, and dress the wound site; you may want to gently squeeze the site to attempt to remove any excess venom and discard immediately. Support the wound and DO NOT apply a tourniquet, cut with anything, or attempt to suck out the venom.