May 29th, 2014

Dear SDIA Supporters:

On behalf of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA), the courageous Sheep Dogs we proudly serve, and all those affected by the recent tornadoes in central Arkansas, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your generous donations and support during our disaster relief efforts in Mayflower and Vilonia, Arkansas.

Immediately following the storms, SDIA deployed disaster relief teams to Central Arkansas to aid with tree and debris removal, bottled water & basic supply distribution, covering damaged roofs…whatever we could do to help. This “impact assistance” is funded solely by the generosity of people like you and our corporate sponsors. SDIA receives no federal or local government backing, so every dollar we receive holds tremendous power and directly affects how many people we are able to help during the year. During our missions to Central Arkansas, more than 2,000 volunteer hours were logged, 1,000 gallons of bottled water delivered, seven chainsaw teams deployed, and tarps, roofing supplies, and other miscellaneous support materials were used during our relief efforts. You made the mission possible.

In addition to disaster relief missions, SDIA provides financial and material support, whenever possible, to our nation’s Sheep Dogs – the men and women serving so honorably in our military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS services. When informed of a need, SDIA helps Sheep Dog families through programs like Sheep Dogs in Need, Motivational Support Events, Mentoring & Training Assistance, Thanksgiving Meals and Christmas Outreach, Adventure Races, Hunting Trips, and much more. None of our relief missions or programs for Sheep Dogs across the country would be possible without your contribution.

For more images from the Central Arkansas mission, please visit this link

Again, thank you very much for your support of SDIA. We couldn’t do it without you.


SgtMaj Lance Nutt
President & Founder
Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

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