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Flag Planting on May 26th

For those of you that might be interested in helping, the Northwest Arkansas Sheep Dog IA Chapter is going to be busy planting flags at the National Cemetery in Fayetteville, AR on May 26th. Chapter members and volunteers are meeting at the entrance to the National Cemetery at 0845 on the morning of the 26th. Please let us know if you are interested in participating, and be sure and invite your friends and family. If you are not close to the NWArk Chapter, we encourage you to attend other Flag Planting events at National Cemeteries across the nation.

Afterwards, we are headed to Memorial Park in Bentonville, AR to participate in a Wounded Warrior Project fundraising event. There will be family activities, food and music for everyone. We hope to see your there.

Please take time to remember this weekend for what it truly is, a time to reflect and appreciate the sacrifices made by so many of our brave men and women in the military. Some gave all so that you could have everything!

Contact us at info@SheepDogIA.org with questions or concerns.

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Flag Planting

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