We are always looking for those unique and highly motivated Sheep Dogs scattered throughout our communities, those men and women going the extra mile to make a difference. John Pope of Cerberus Security Group is that type of man, and fellow Sheep Dog. John, a former Marine and soldier, has proudly served his country for many years. Following his final tour in Iraq, John made the decision to transition into a civilian career. The challenge for so many current and former Sheep Dogs is what to do, and how to successfully make the transition from a service career into “everyday” civilian life. Fortunately for John, he found a way to make that transition by following his heart and passion. Through many of John’s challenges in the military, he had developed a great fondness for working dogs. That fondness ultimately led John to follow his passion into starting Cerberus Security Group (CSG) in 2007. Four years later, John has transformed CSG into one of the premiere canine training facilities in the nation.

John and Cerberus Security Group are committed to providing the highest quality of working dogs. CSG is devoted to providing the best quality product and training to their clients because they understand the consequence of ineptitude and incompetence, particularly in the working dog field. Cerberus Security Group derives its name from Greek mythology. The ultimate working dog, Cerberus, guarded the Gates of the Underworld. With Cerberus, John has comprised a group of dedicated professionals. CSG is an international company specializing in training canines for law enforcement, military, as well as private clients.

If you are interested in learning more about working dogs and how they can enhance life for you, your family and/or business, we encourage you to contact John Pope today to learn more about how Cerberus Security Group can help you.