As the members of any new organization will tell you, having the Founder and CEO out-of-pocket for several days puts a strain on day-to-day business activities. Having the Founder and CEO deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom gives “out-of-pocket” a whole new meaning. As of June 4th Lance and his Marines & Sailors ended a 13 month deployment that began May 1st of 2009. Saying that we are happy to have Lance home is an understatement! We are extremely proud of the sacrifices made by all our brave men and women serving around the world, especially our men and women serving on the front lines of the war on terror. Please keep in mind these sacrifices, just like the men and women serving on the home front in Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services, societies Sheepdog’s are continuously on call and making the ultimate sacrifice.

In Lance’s absence Sheep Dog IA has continued moving forward and is growing by leaps and bounds. We have strengthened our mission process and have begun collecting information on how best to assist our fellow Sheepdogs in need. A new website was launched with the intent that it will expand our ability to collect and share important information on Sheep Dog assistance programs, and provide relevant survival & disaster preparedness tips. We have also established links to Facebook & Twitter for expanded coverage and access to Sheep Dog activities and information.

We are happy Lance is home, but we are even more excited about the future of Sheep Dog IA and our expanding ability to help people in need.