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New North Carolina/Crystal Coast Chapter Chartered

We have a new Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) chapter in North Carolina! The Crystal Coast, NC Chapter is official as of June 29th, 2012. SDIA Founder and President, Lance Nutt, and SDIA National Training Director, John Pope, traveled to North Carolina last week to help train and mentor the Crystal Coast team. While visiting the new chapter, Lance and John presented it’s Chapter Commander, Tim Parkhurst, and other members & volunteers with their Chapter Charter.

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Crystal Coast, NC Chapter Members and
Volunteers receiving their Chapter Charter.

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Tim and his team have done a tremendous job developing members and volunteers, ahead of schedule we might add, in establishing a strong and vital SDIA Chapter on the east coast. The Crystal Coast Chapter has the potential to be one of the strongest SDIA chapters in the US. We look forward to following their progress over the coming weeks, months & years. Welcome to the team Crystal Coast members & volunteers!

For more information on the Crystal Coast Chapter in NC, please contact Tim Parkhurst at TimP@SheepDogIA.org. Or e-mail info@SheepDogIA.org to start a chapter in your area.