When times are good, it’s easy to take for granted the fact that our basic needs – and often many of our wants – are met. For families struggling during the holiday season, “little” things like a holiday meal can be replaced or foregone because of more pressing needs like paying for medical expenses and treatment, clothing needs or other necessities.

SDIA is honored to be able to help many of our fellow Sheep Dog families in need by providing them with a complete Thanksgiving meal, including a turkey, ham, vegetables, and pie! Many of our Chapters and Teams – including the Northwest AR Chapter, Kansas Team, St. Louis Chapter, NY Metro Team, Eastern NC Chapter and the Houston Chapter – were able to gather donations and give fellow Sheep Dog families a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving meal this year.
When all the packing & delivering was done, SDIA was able to feed more than 400 Sheep Dogs and their family members.

Thank you to all our volunteers, members and donors – including Tyson Foods (hams), Walmart Print Solutions (turkeys) – for your help in making this Thanksgiving special for so many of our fellow Sheep Dogs.

To see more images of our efforts, please visit this link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.782450748458166.1073741851.118696028166978&type=3

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Thank you for your continued support!