The month of October 2015 was devastating for South Carolina with historical flooding and damage to much of the state. In response, SDIA deployed Disaster Response Teams to the Columbia, SC, area to assist with relief efforts.

The early teams partnered with Tyson Foods and delivered more than 2,000 hot meals – provided by Tyson – to flood victims. SDIA members from North Carolina, Northwest Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas, and South Carolina were on hand to help in any way possible.

Now that flood waters have receded, SDIA members from the Western North Carolina Chapter are continuing to help with general clean up. Over the past few weeks, they have secured 11 homes in the South Beltline-Gills Creek community. Volunteers and supplies are still needed. SDIA members and volunteers interested in assisting with the ongoing, small team efforts should contact Bob Cepeda.

For more images from these efforts, visit SDIA’s Facebook Album.

Due to the unprecedented damage, this will be an ongoing effort. Please consider helping the people of South Carolina through SDIA and our efforts by making a tax-deductible contribution via our Donations page.