October 21, 2010

ARLINGTON, Va. – Metro has released a video of a man who jumped onto the tracks to save a complete stranger in August.

The video shows a man who has a medical emergency falling onto the tracks at the Virginia Square-GMU station.

As people on both sides of the tracks are seen waving to get the attention of Metro workers, the good Samaritan — retired Marine Lt. Col. Dimas Pinzon — is on the opposite tracks.

He could hear somebody yelling, “Get off the tracks. Get off the tracks.”

Pinzon, 57, says he saw an oncoming train slowing down. He decided to jump down and cross over both rail lines to get to the ill man.

“You just don’t think. You just do,” Pinzon tells Channel 4.

Another man also jumped down to help but turned back.

With the help of another man on the platform, Pinzon hoisted the ill man up.

“The guy needed help. You just go out and do it,” he says.

If either man had stepped on the third rail, he could have been killed.

Read full story and see video of rescue.