For much of the past two weeks, South Carolina has been deluged by unrelenting rain, causing historic flooding and damage. Crops are destroyed, dams breached, homes damaged and lives lost, and as the waters begin receding, the real work begins. Furniture and belongings are lining the streets as residents dry out their things and begin their recovery. To assist in these efforts, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) will be deploying disaster response teams to South Carolina in two waves, one this weekend and the other on Monday, October 19.

This disaster response effort will have a two-fold mission. The first wave of volunteers will arrive in South Carolina this weekend and will help distribute hot meals to flood victims; Tyson Foods will provide the meals. The second wave will begin helping residents clear debris and conduct muck-out operations. The teams will be in the area through October 25, but may extend the mission depending upon need and resources.

To date, 19 counties in South Carolina have received federal disaster declarations, an increasing number of dams have been breached, and bridges have collapsed or are in need of repair. Sadly, nearly 20 lives have been lost because of the floods as well.

sc flooding 04OCT2015-AP-APTOPIX-East-Coast-Rainstorm-South-CarolinaPhoto from AP-APTOPIX

In order to ensure that the SDIA disaster response teams have the supplies and materials necessary for this mission, we are asking for your help. This will be an expensive undertaking due to the extent of damage and work to be done. If you are able to donate to our efforts financially, secure online donations can be made at Or if you or your company are able to donate hygiene supplies, water or other necessities, please contact SDIA’s National Disaster Response Director, Dan Flynn at

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