SDIA Makes Christmas Come True For More Than 230 Children Of Military and First Responders

What an amazing accomplishment this year by our many SDIA members, volunteers, and supporters. Due to the effort of so many giving and caring people, we were able to make Christmas wishes come true for more than 230 children. All of which, have parents who are currently serving, or have served, in the military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, or ems services, and are struggling with financial difficulties this Holiday Season.

As part of this year’s Christmas Outreach efforts, SDIA Chapters and Teams across the country found unique ways to bring Christmas to life for the children of Sheep Dogs everywhere. SDIA members in multiple locations, like New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, and more, went above and beyond this year in an effort to make our efforts a success.

“Our Christmas Outreach recipients are Sheep Dog families who are struggling to provide for their basic needs during this holiday season,” said SgtMaj Lance Nutt, SDIA’s founder and president. SDIA Members, Volunteers and Supporters donate to the program and/or adopt these children, shop for them, and give them toys from their wish list and other necessities they otherwise would not have received.

“It’s an honor to be part of giving back to these Sheep Dogs and their children,” added Nutt, “when they’ve given so much to protect and serve every one of us.”

The ability of our organization to help those that make our country a safer place, one where all are capable of celebrating the Holiday Season in their own special way, our nations Sheep Dogs, truly brings the meaning of the Holiday Season to life.

Attached are a few pictures of our 2014 Christmas Outreach efforts, to include links to additional information and images of this years efforts.

We cannot say Thank You enough to the many volunteers and businesses that made this year’s efforts possible. We could not have done it without you!

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