“Ten Island Race” Tests Veterans Mettle in Running, Kayaking and Swimming.

Imagine running through the picturesque scenery of Sweden’s Gothenburg island chain (or archipelago), kayaking or swimming from island to island. Sounds like a dream adventure vacation, and for two USMC Combat Wounded Veterans, the “Ten Island Race” on August 16th, 2014, was an adventure race like no other. Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is proud to have sponsored these warriors, Cpl. Nicholas Perales and Cpl. Sebastian Gallegos, for the race.

The Ten Island Race (TIR) is a unique multi-sport event; it combines running, kayaking and swimming over and between ten islands of the Ockero municipality in the northern Gothenburg archipelago in Sweden. Teams of two moved as quickly as possible along the route to the highest point on all ten islands, traversing a total distance of 29 miles; teams ran 16 miles, kayaked 11 miles and swam just over one mile. This TIR was a test between two Swedish veteran teams and two USMC teams on the “civilian” course, with the hopes of launching a new Veteran’s Ten Island Race in 2015. To learn more about the TIR, go to their website at http://www.tenislandrace.com/

Both Cpl. Perales and Cpl. Gallegos were excited to participate in TIR for the adventure and challenge of the race course. “Sebastian and I have competed in many adventure and obstacle races, but none like this one,” said Cpl. Perales. “I’ve never been to Sweden and am looking forward to seeing the country, but more than that, I cannot wait to push myself in ways I haven’t before.” Cpl. Gallegos agrees. “This race will be like nothing we’ve done in the US, and we are looking forward to competing against the Swedish team.”

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance is honored to be sponsoring these young veterans. “When we were approached with this opportunity, though it wasn’t previously budgeted for, we knew we absolutely could not pass it up,” said SgtMaj Lance Nutt, SDIA’s founder and president. “We have most of their travel expenses covered, but we welcome donations and hope that others will help these men compete in this unique event.” SDIA is funded solely by the generosity of the public and corporate sponsors – which include Walmart, PROPPER and ClifBar; they receive no federal or local government backing. Monies received are used to fund SDIA’s various programs that support fellow Sheep Dogs transitioning to civilian life or when in need, as well as to deploy disaster relief teams to communities affected by disaster.

For more pictures from the 10 Island race, please visit their website, or see our photo gallery of Nick and Sebastian competing in Sweden. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.738212046215370.1073741848.118696028166978&type=1

Thank you for your continued support.
SDIA Staff

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