While Hurricane Maria is long gone, much of Puerto Rico still lacks electricity, clean water, medical supplies, and more. KForce’s Flight of Hope, including 4 Florida members of SDIA, went on a follow-up mission to Puerto Rico and distributed much needed supplies.

SDIA is honored to be part of Flight of Hope’s collaborative effort to continue assisting the people of Puerto Rico. Flight of Hope is thankful for our onsite team and appreciates their quick response to needs, as this post from one of their member’s Facebook page says: “I want to thank the disaster response team #sheepdog for their incredibly fast response. I drove to this lady’s house to deliver supplies this past Monday and offered to purchase her a tarp. [SDIA] called me this morning and immediately drove to Hatillo, PR, to assess damage and take measurements. Great Collaboration!”

Great work, SDIA members! Thank you for your willingness to assist those in need.