Surviving severe heat during the summer months

Severe heat during the summer or in desert environments is miserable for adults as well as children. Playing outdoors is out of question due to the risk of heat stroke and severe sunburn. Rolling blackouts become a common occurrence because everyone is draining the power supply running air conditioners and fans. People suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Follow these steps to learn how to survive a heat wave.

1 – Drink plenty of fluids to survive the heat. This includes water, juices and caffeine-free beverages.
2 – Play or work outside in the early morning and late evening when the temperatures are a cooler.
3 – Run high energy appliances at night. Running the dryer and dishwasher during the day heats up the house and puts a strain on the electrical system. With the heat outside you can hang clothes up and the sun will dry them just as fast as a dryer would.
4 – Call your utility company and notify them if someone in your house is on life support. Heat waves increase the frequency of rolling blackouts. If a planned interruption is going to occur you will be notified so you can provide emergency life-saving measures with a generator or move the patient to a hospital if needed to survive during the severe heat.
5 – Keep the air flowing in your house. Use fans to circulate the air conditioner. Put heavy shades on the windows to block the sun which can heat up the house.
6 – Use the microwave to cook your meals. The stove and oven add heat to the house but, of course, you need to eat to survive. Eat light meals with less protein to reduce your metabolic heat.
7 – Snack on frozen treats. Eat frozen grapes or berries, popsicles and ice cream.
Find creative ways to keep yourself and your loved ones cool.
8 – Bring all pets inside and ensure that they have plenty of water to drink, checking their bowls frequently, as they will drink 2-3x as much water when it is hot.