This award is an important way to recognize those among us who have gone above and beyond their call of duty in their military or first responder professions (law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS/paramedic). These awards are presented to Sheep Dogs who have modeled exemplary and/or heroic service during 2023. Although a single heroic incident may be worthy of consideration, special consideration is given to those nominees who have distinguished themselves and their profession throughout their careers.

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2019 Accomplishments

What an incredible year of growth and change we had in 2019. Thanks to YOU and your generous donations of more than $1,690,000, SDIA was able to engage, assist and empower our nation's heroes to #GetOffTheCouch with their brothers and sisters, providing them with the camaraderie and healing that is critical to their overall well-being.

Disaster Response Missions

These volunteer opportunities for Veterans and First Responders to assist those in need is extremely rewarding and helps our Sheep Dogs #GetOffTheCouch and reengage with like-minded people. In 2019, our members and volunteers deployed on 12 missions, including our first ever international effort in response to Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.DRM Deployments

6 Tornado2 Hurricane4 Flood

254 SDIA Members and Volunteers deployed on 12 Missions, assisting 1,572 people by mucking out and tarping homes and clearing 500+ trees & debris from 117 properties. Volunteers also distributed:

2,170 lbs of food & meals;1,120 cases of water/sports drinks/juice' and730 lbs of cleaning, hygiene, medical and other supplies.

Outdoor Adventures


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2018 Accomplishments

Because you generously gave your time, money and/or resources, we accomplished more than ever during 2018!

DISASTER RESPONSE:Assisted 7,219 people devastated by 5 hurricanes, 1 flood, 5 tornadoes, as well as firefighters battling wild fires.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES:Engaged and empowered 479 military and first responders to Get Off The Couch through 31 hunting, fishing, skydiving and other adventures. #GetOffTheCouch

THANKSGIVING OUTREACH:Delivered Thanksgiving meals to 830+ people and 32 fire, police and sheriff departments.

CHRISTMAS OUTREACH:Gave more than 350 children of struggling Sheep Dogs gifts of toys, clothing and necessities for Christmas.


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