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Through our Get Off The Couch™ programming, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is the national nonprofit providing charitable services benefitting the overall well-being of our nation's Veterans and First Responders through Outdoor Adventures (physical activity), Warrior PATHH training (mental wellness) and Continued Service/Disaster Response (volunteerism) programs.

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Our Nation’s Heroes are Struggling with Traumatic Stress

Nearly 30% of our nation’s “Sheep Dogs” (Veterans and First Responders) struggle with traumatic stress.

But there is HOPE, HEALING and POWER for each of them through Posttraumtic Growth training.Boulder Crest Foundation, creators of the Warrior PATHH training we facilitate, has released another compelling video depicting the healing and power in Warrior PATHH and Struggle Well training. Watch the trailer below,...

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Premiering on 9/11/23 at Noon CT – Sheep Dog Nation Podcast Episode 1

Introducing the "Sheep Dog Nation Podcast," exclusively for veterans and first responders. Join us for candid conversations, expert insights, and heartfelt narratives, offering a safe and supportive space for these heroes to connect, share, and find solace. Subscribe today on YouTube to celebrate their indomitable spirit and honor their unwavering commitment.

Together, we are stronger.

Today is the 22nd anniversary of...

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