SDIA Deploys on Their First Disaster Response Mission Outside the US to Bahamas

For the first time in our history, #SDIA deployed a #DisasterResponse Team (DRT) outside of the US to the #Bahamas. The DRT departed on Wed., 9/11, and arrived in Miami, Florida, Thursday evening. The Team’s transportation to the Bahamas was originally slated for Fri., 9/13; however, Tropical Storm Humberto and logistical issues caused delays. We are happy to report that the Team disembarked the ship for relief efforts the morning of Mon., Sept. 16, and immediately went to work helping Bahamians by covering leaking roofs and windows, removing trees and debris from homes & properties, and distributing supplies. You can follow our Bahamas #DisasterResponseMission (DRM) right here, and on our social media pages (Facebook @SheepDogIA; Instagram @sheep_dog_impact_assistance). Want to know where they're at? You can see their location in real time by clicking this link: We need your support so that our DRT can help as many people as possible! Please join our Team...

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SDIA Partners with VA/Vet Centers to Improve Veterans’ Lives Through Yellowstone Adventure

The beauty of Yellowstone National Park and Yellowstone National Forest are spectacular in the summer, and as Sheep Dog Impact Assistance’s (SDIA) group of 43 veterans, first responders and family members discovered on the January 23-27 Yellowstone Outdoor Adventure, winter in this vast wilderness is just as stunning when riding a snowmobile. This was the first Outdoor Adventure SDIA conducted in partnership with the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and Vet Centers across the nation. Through this partnership, the VA and Vet Centers identified and recommended to SDIA 27 veterans; these veterans joined 8 other veterans and first responders for a weekend that took them on a guided snowmobile tour of the National Park, snowmobiling time on their own in the National Forest, group dinners, free time, and most importantly, time to talk with fellow Sheep Dogs about their experiences, struggles and successes. By giving them an opportunity to #GetOffTheCouch, the camaraderie and connection with peers...

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In The News: “Organization Uses Shooting to Help Veterans Find Purpose” – KNWA Interview

This past Saturday, #SDIA and Kuettel Capital joined forces to sponsor a special Outdoor Adventure for 20 of our nation’s Sheep Dogs (military and first responders). The group spent the day at Spring Valley Anglers Rod & Gun Club and experienced the thrill of shooting a broad range of firearms provided by Spring Valley Anglers and Guns & Grounds. #KNWA stopped by to see how shooting at the range can help our Sheep Dogs.

KNWA Interview: PTSD Veterans and Guns...

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Outdoor Adventures

Throughout the year, we host challenging events in which our fellow Sheep Dogs can participate. These adventures give them opportunities to get up off the couch, be around their peers, and reengage in life. Particularly for those injured in combat or the line of duty, SDIA's Outdoor Adventures give our Sheep Dogs a chance to see how far they have come since being injured, and remind them that no matter the obstacle, they can overcome it with their brothers and sisters by their side. As a result, participants have a new focus, revitalized self-confidence, and are reminded that they can continue making a difference in their communities and for their country. Past adventures have included obstacle races, skydiving, whitewater rafting, big game & bird hunts, ruck marches, and scuba diving.

Testimonials: Asheville Adventure Weekend & Spartan Super, August 6, 2016 - U.S. Navy veteran and firefighter, Jamie Smith, felt the Spartan Super's grueling 9-mile course and 25 obstacles provided the challenge he...

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Rafting & Racing Inspire Sheep Dogs

They started arriving in North Carolina on Thursday, August 4, and by Friday, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) had 70+ veterans, first responders and supporters gathered to participate in their Western North Carolina Chapter’s Adventure Weekend. This annual adventure culminates in running the Asheville Spartan Super, and for 30 of the participants, the race would be a test of how far they had come since being injured in combat or the line of duty - and a reminder that no matter the obstacle, they can overcome it all with their brothers and sisters by their side. The Sheep Dogs started their weekend with a hearty breakfast at the Dixie Diner in Hendersonville on Friday morning, followed by white water rafting on the Nantahala River.

James Hurn, Deputy Sheriff with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, summed up the experience the best. “I thought it was going to be a typical rafting trip,” he said. “But I quickly learned that when you...

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SDIA’s Unforgettable Adventure at Yosemite National Park

After 5 days of camping in and exploring the vast and magnificent Yosemite National Park, the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) group was tired, but refreshed and invigorated by their experiences. As special guests of the National Park Service as they celebrate their 100th anniversary, the 60+ Sheep Dogs and family members who participated in this Outdoor Adventure were treated to upgraded camp sites, a special tour, and the opportunity to discover all this incredible park has to offer. From May 29 through June 2, SDIA guests visited Tuolumne Meadows, swam at snow melt Tenaya Lake, summited waterfall peaks, and hiked and explored the meadows, ponds, rivers and mountains surrounding them. A highlight for many was the private guided tram-ride tour of Yosemite Valley by the Park Rangers; during the tour, Rangers thanked our sponsored Sheep Dogs for their service and for honoring the Park by spending Memorial Day week in Yosemite.

For all who were there, being unplugged from technology,...

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SDIA Presents PTSD Service Dog to Bentonville Veteran, Dan Moss

Since returning home after serving 24 years and three combat tours in the U.S. Army, veteran Dan Moss has struggled in his transition to civilian life. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, has had a dramatic negative impact on his day-to-day life. But that is beginning to change. In the ten days since Moss was presented with Justice, a rescued 1-1/2 year old German shepherd trained as a PTSD Service Dog, improvements have occurred at a regular rate. Moss’s wife, Judy, noticed that after only a few days with Justice, her husband showed fewer signs of hyper vigilance at the presentation ceremony. “Dan was able to stand almost the entire ceremony with his back to the door,” she said. “That NEVER happens.” Moss has noticed other ways Justice is helping him. “It hasn’t been without some stress [adjusting to each other],” he explained. “That in itself helps because it gives me a single focal point, so I’m not constantly surveying the environment –...

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