Sheep Dogs Tour Yellowstone for Camaraderie, Winter Fun

The beauty of Yellowstone National Park and Forest are spectacular in the summer, and as Sheep Dog Impact Assistance’s (SDIA) group of 43 veterans, first responders and family members discovered on the January 23-27 Yellowstone Outdoor Adventure, winter in this vast wilderness is just as stunning when riding a snowmobile.

This was the first Outdoor Adventure SDIA conducted in partnership with the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and Vet Centers across the nation. Through this partnership, the VA and Vet Centers identified and recommended to SDIA 27 veterans; these veterans joined 8 other veterans and first responders for a weekend that took them on a guided snowmobile tour of the National Park, snowmobiling time on their own in the National Forest, group dinners, free time, and most importantly, time to talk with fellow Sheep Dogs about their experiences, struggles and achievements. By giving them an opportunity to #GetOffTheCouch, the camaraderie and connection with peers that is so vital to having a positive attitude, perspective and renewed sense of purpose is restored....

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