SDIA Hosts Vet Centers for Epic Outdoor Adventures

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) Outdoor Adventures, in conjunction with 2nd Mountain Adventures, has had the privilege of hosting four Outdoor Adventures for District 3 Vet Centers over the last couple of months. Men and women veterans of different ages came together in physically challenging activities to foster camaraderie, peer support, and healing. In doing so, they have also built relationships with one another … relationships stemming from sharing similar experiences and traumas. These relationships, and the engagement of helping these warrior veterans Get Off The Couch™, is vital for the continued healing and renewed sense of belonging and purpose for these outstanding men and women.

“I enjoyed the cave crawl, as it was incredibly symbolic to me. Crawling down into that deep dark hole to sit in that small space, where literally tons and tons of weight sat on top of you, and then pulling yourself out of that deep hole you put yourself in had so much layered meaning to me and was truly an experience I will never forget. The other activity that I particularly enjoyed was flying down Beaver Lake at full throttle on a jet ski. I feel like I was literally flying, and it was such a liberating experience.”

Each Outdoor Adventure consisted of a week of activities such as RZR riding, caving, mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, bonfires, and boating on the beautiful lakes in Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri. They were also introduced to time-tested warrior-specific practices such as archery and labyrinth focus, and the benefits of usefully employing these customs for their individual growth and healing. Stoic quotes, morning PT, and daily healthy eating also encompassed each day. Okay, we did treat all the participants to ICE CREAM one day at the vintage soda fountain parlor in town!

These no-cost adventures with their peers helped them test their self-confidence, restore their independence, relieve themselves of deep-down traumatic burdens, and support living an active lifestyle. It was clear all the participants coming in on the first day did not know what to expect as most were quiet and reserved, and not knowing one another added to the anxiety. But by the second day the ‘flood doors’ of camaraderie and communication between all of the participants opened widely, each showing the caring, encouragement, and support indicative of the warrior class.

“I overcame many obstacles and accomplished things I have struggled with in the past or refused to even try to accomplish. I found out here a number of things I need to change back home to get back to being happy, productive, and selfless. I was reminded the importance of keeping company with other warriors that build me up instead of breaking me down, and I was reminded how important goals really are. Now I have something to work towards and look forward to.

The staff at Sheep Dog IA and 2nd Mountain Adventures were honored to get to know each of these men and women warriors, and we truly hope they will visit again. Until then, we look forward to hosting more warriors on our Outdoor Adventures. In fact, we hope to provide you with the steppingstones to begin your journey to your 2nd Mountain.

What are YOU waiting for?? Contact us today to get on and Get Off The Couch™ with SDIA!

“I did not know what to expect on this trip, however, I learned some new techniques and had some great fellowship with other Sheep Dogs and Sheep Dog staff. I loved serving others while I was here and watched people open up and blossom during the course of this adventure. This is a special program and I hope to be a bigger part of it someday.

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