Required & Recommended DRM Gear

Required DRM Gear

  • Sturdy, above ankle, steel-toed boots
  • Heavy work/duty pants and belt
  • Shirts (Red DRM SDIA logo shirts, long or short sleeve)*
  • Work Gloves
  • Eye Protection and/or Sunglasses
  • Ear Protection

*SDIA red DRM shirts will be provided if you do not have any.

Recommended Gear

  • Cold Weather Gear (SDIA jackets, hoodies, fleece, etc.)
  • Cap/Hat, Bandana
  • Camelback/Water bottle
  • Pocket knife
  • Tactical knife/machete
  • Sleeping bag (cold weather)
  • 2-person tent
  • Basic first aid kit (bandages, antiseptic ointment, small scissors, pain reliever, tweezers, burn cream, moleskin)
  • Misc Items: snacks, water, duct tape, lip balm, dry bags, ziplock/trash bags, matches/lighter, camera, notebook and pen, flashlight/head lamp, extra batteries, sunscreen, bug spray

Other needs:

  • Sleeping pad and pillow
  • Cot +
  • Extra clothing, shoes or boots, socks
  • Rain gear/poncho
  • Food/beverages (in small cooler) +
  • Hygiene kit (soap, toothbrush, towel & washcloth, tp, etc) +
  • Baby wipes +
  • Portable stove, plate/cup/bowl/utensils
  • Misc tools (hammer, multitool/trauma shears, collapsible shovel, riggers belt, rope, etc) +
  • Battery bank (for cell phones)
  • Rope +
  • Personal items: cash, credit/debit card, government issued ID, medications (prescriptions, pain reliever, allergy), hand sanitizer, phone charger, wet wipes, tissues)

+ Items that SDIA may provide if available

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