SDIA Disaster Response MissionsDisaster Response is what SDIA was founded on and it continues to be our primary continued service opportunity. Other opportunities to serve are found within each community and include assisting with events, cleaning/maintaining parks, distributing food & water, and other local needs.

These continued service missions EMPOWER our Sheep Dogs to continue serving their communities and country in times of need.

When a natural disaster strikes, teams of skilled Sheep Dogs & volunteers deploy to provide immediate “impact assistance” to devastated communities through chainsaw work, tree & debris removal, muck-out operations, and other meaningful tasks.

Working alongside fellow Sheep Dogs and giving back to their communities satisfies their innate desire to serve and provides a sense of belonging and purpose many have been missing.


“It felt so good helping people and talking to folks in need. At the end of each day I felt beat up and tired…and very happy looking forward to the next day. I have a need to serve as it makes me whole as a human. Through this organization I get to be part of something bigger than me.”

–Scott S., Army Veteran and first-time Disaster Response volunteer

Interested in deploying on an SDIA Disaster Response Mission (DRM)? Email

Looking for what to pack/bring with you on the DRM? You can find a list of Required and Recommended Gear here.

(NOTE: We respectfully request that you become a registered Member or Volunteer with SDIA prior to deploying. Visit our Membership page to join.)