Membership as a Volunteer is for those that do not have a Sheep Dog background, but do have a Sheep Dog heart and the desire to serve others.

Volunteer Member Requirements

  • Do not have a Military/First Responder background, but do have the desire and heart to serve and help others.
  • Assist with and participate in National Office and Chapter/Team activities and events (charity events, disaster response efforts, etc.) as much as possible.
  • Appreciate that SDIA is their organization. Volunteers will only get out of SDIA what they are willing to put into it.
  • Follow National Office recommendations and/or requirements pertaining to safety and disaster training as needed.
  • Participate in formal National/Chapter/Team meetings and/or motivational/team-building events as often as time and proximity allows.
  • Participate in mission support, disaster response missions, assisting Sheep Dogs in need, fundraising, all of the these or a mix there of, as time permits.
  • Does not pay dues.

Volunteer Member Benefits

  • Have the opportunity to give back to your community, country, and self.
  • The opportunity to obtain “Active Member” status through our Honorary Sheep Dog program.
  • Receive Volunteer Member Only benefits:
  • Access to Outdoor Adventures, including obstacle course races, shooting, sporting events, camping trips, boating, and more.
  • Special Training sessions – CPR, Basic and Advanced first aid, Chainsaw safety, SAR, Scuba, Marksmanship, Rappelling, and more.
  • Newsletters and emails.

We fully appreciate the fact that everyone is ultimately a volunteer, with full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities. We only ask that Members and Volunteers do their best to attend meetings and support SDIA missions when and where possible. This is your organization and we encourage you to make the most of it. As the old saying goes, “you only get out of something, what you are willing to put into it.” This organization cannot successfully function without everyone contributing to some extent.

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