Insects as Survival Food

Insects as Survival Food

The best emergency survival foods are high in fats and protein, easily acquired and prepared for eating, widely available, and numerous throughout the area you are in. In all these categories, eating insects as survival fare has little completion.
Gathering insects for survival food can give you the highest return in terms of energy expenditure versus energy gain. As you travel outdoors or lounge in camp, keep a container handy and collect insects as you find them. Over the course of a day you may be able to obtain quite a large number of them in this way with very little extra effort.
Even during the winter months in cold climates a skilled survivor should be able to find edible insects if he knows where to look. Look under and within rotten wood, beneath rocks, and in sheltered spots where insects may have laid eggs or spun cocoons.
Ants, termites, moths, grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, beetle larvae, caterpillars, spiders and many other insects have been on mans survival menu throughout time. People in many cultures eat insects on a regular basis. In fact, nearly all the food you eat has hidden insects and insect parts. You have been eating insects all of your life!
All wildlife should be cooked before consumption. One of the easiest ways to prepare insects is to roast them over a fire. They are also excellent additions to soups and stews.
Insects are the Meals Ready to Eat of the wilderness. Higher in protein and fat content than most meat and loaded with vitamins and minerals, insects should be on the menu of any survivor. They are plentiful in most areas of the world and are often quite easily acquired in large numbers with minimal effort.

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