SDIA Receives Lakefront Property for Future Military & First Responder Retreats

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is excited to announce that they have been gifted a substantial parcel of land on Beaver Lake by Jeff Engleman and his family. The property will be used as a retreat for Sheep Dogs in need. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Monday, October 30, at 11:00 a.m., with board members, staff, members and volunteers in attendance, as well as local news station KNWA. You can view their news coverage here.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to enhance our National Outdoor Adventure program,” said SDIA founder and president, SgtMaj Lance Nutt. “Our sponsored Sheep Dogs – military and/or first responders injured in combat or the line of duty – have been through and endured so much to protect us and our freedoms. We hope that giving them the opportunity to relax in a quiet, serene setting with the option to hike or participate in various water activities will further encourage them to reengage in living their lives.”
The majestic lake front property will be a wonderful addition to SDIA’s Outdoor Adventure program.  Plans for developing the land are being discussed; among the options are creating a family recreation area as well as building a lodge for Sheep Dogs to enjoy the quiet outdoors with their families and other sheep dogs.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance provides over 16 national Outdoor Adventures each year for Sheep Dogs in need to experience fun and challenging activities, and relax with their peers. In addition to the National Outdoor Adventures, SDIA hosts regional events and adventures to keep Sheep Dogs engaged and provide them with opportunities for camaraderie and peer support – two vital elements that promote a positive state of mind and perspective. For sponsored Sheep Dogs, these adventures are much more than a getaway. While the outings are fun and exciting, injured Sheep Dogs’ participation in these events is critical to their healing. Participating presents them with new challenges that test their rehabilitation progress, restores independence and self-confidence, and gets them off the couch and reengaged in living life to the fullest.
For information about upcoming Outdoor Adventures, visit our Calendar of Events. If you are – or know of – a Sheep Dog who would benefit from the camaraderie and fun of these Adventures, contact Scott West ( or 417-239-9545).

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