Warrior PATHH Training Facility at Heroes Ranch


We are making steady progress on the Warrior PATHH Training Facility out at Heroes Ranch at Rush Springs and it is so exciting to see! The Main Lodge is nearly “in the dry” and then the crews will move inside to work.

With material and supply chain disruptions, it is unlikely that we will make our original Grand Opening date of November 11, 2022, but we are working hard to get it done.

Like everyone else, SDIA has been affected by cost increases on fuel, building materials, supplies and just about everything else. As a result our Facility is over budget by 25%. To offset this and anticipated future overages, SDIA is looking for individuals and companies to partner with us by donating supplies, labor, fixtures, etc.


We have created registries with specific items needed for the build, and we invite you to purchase and donate any items of your choosing.


Our immediate needs for donated/deeply discounted materials are:

  • Electrical – wiring, boxes, switches, rough in/labor;
  • Plumbing – piping, fixtures, rough in/labor;
  • Mechanical/HVAC – equipment, install/labor;
  • Drywall & Wall finishing;
  • Paint; and
  • Trim.

If you or your company are interested in being part of this facility and life-changing program for our nation’s heroes, please reach out to Jayme Lingo (JLingo@SheepDogIA.org or 740-502-7475).

Construction Progress

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