SDIA & GC Partner for Humanitarian DRM

All of us at Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) are troubled by the atrocities taking place in the Ukraine, and our hearts go out to all the people that are unable to leave the territory.

In an effort to do what we can to assist, SDIA has partnered with Gladiator Contracting for a humanitarian disaster response mission (DRM) to Ukraine. SDIA members working with Gladiator will depart for Poland/Western Ukraine this Friday, March 18, to extract specific, pre-identified American and Ukrainian citizens, getting them out of harm’s way and to safe locations outside of the country.

Following this initial mission, the team will establish a humanitarian “safe zone” for supplies, refugees, and volunteer staff as the war in Ukraine continues. SDIA is immediately supporting this effort with donations of survival gear, DRM equipment and other needs.

This mission will be very cost intensive, and we encourage anyone interested in supporting these humanitarian efforts to donate financially via the SDIA website, noting that the donation is for Ukraine. Those interested in supporting the effort with materials/gear should contact Morgan at

“Helping Others is a Way of Life” for our nation’s Sheep Dogs, and this is a way for all of us to support those desperately in need of help.

Thank you in advance for your support of SDIA and Gladiator Contracting’s humanitarian disaster response mission.


SgtMaj Lance Nutt, USMC (Ret.)

SDIA Founder & CEO

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have loved ones that need to be extracted from the conflict area, you can reach out to Morgan at to present your request for consideration. At this time, they are supporting only US and other citizens with valid documentation.

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