Brake Failure

Brake Failure

If brakes fail while driving, change gear and apply the handbrake. You must do several things at once: take your foot off the accelerator, flick the switch of your warning lights, pump the foot-brake rapidly
(it may still connect), change down through the gears and apply handbrake pressure. Don’t slam the brake on, begin with gentle bursts, gradually braking harder until you stop.
If there is no time for all this, take your foot off the accelerator and change down through the gears – and grab the handbrake – but DON’T apply maximum pressure until you are sure that you won’t skid.
Look out for escape lanes and places where you can leave the road, preferably a soft bank or a turn-in that has an uphill slope.
If speed remains unchecked, on a steep hill for example, brush the car along guard-rails or wall to reduce speed. Take advantage of a vehicle in
front and use it to stop you – run into it as gently as the situation allows (use extreme caution when trying this method, if there is risk of causing serious harm to the persons in the car in front of you do your best to avoid making contact). Use warning lights, blow your horn and flash your headlights to give the driver in front as much warning as possible that you are on a collision course.

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