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Storing Food

Storing food is a good habit to get into, especially if you live in an isolated place, which can become completely cut-off. If you have a year’s food supply in store, and add to it as you use it, you will
not only be able to survive the worst but will be able to live at last year’s prices.
The stock does not have to be established in one go. Build it up gradually, taking advantage of special offers in supermarkets. Buy an extra tin or packet and put it by. Store your foods in a cool, dry, dark place and off the ground – moisture and heat cause bacteria and molds. If stores are left on the floor insects and rodents will help themselves. Make sure that all containers are insect- and rodent-proof.
REMEMBER: Rotate cans, so that the contents do not settle, and separate. Label each can or packet with a color-fast waterproof pen, noting contents and date of storage. Use in sequence – the oldest first. Store methodically and if a label falls off, you should still have a good idea of the contents.
Choice of foods will depend upon individual taste, but straightforward products (corned beef in preference to beef stew and dumplings) will keep better and can be used in a greater variety of ways. Wheat keeps better than flour – it is less susceptible to moisture, light, insects and temperature change. Wheat found in the pyramids was found in good condition after thousands of years. However, you must grind it to make flour, so invest in a small hand grinder.

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