Texas & Florida Disaster Response Missions Recap

For ten days, SDIA had Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) deployed in Texas and Florida to assist those affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. The teams worked diligently to help as many residents as possible, and it appears our work there is done. No further missions to Texas or Florida are planned at this time. Following is a final recap of the Texas and Florida missions.

TAMPA & JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - Sept. 11-14 Two DRTs made up of 15 SDIA members and volunteers from our Eastern TN Team as well as Florida & Virginia conducted chainsaw operations in New Port Richey, Tampa and Jacksonville. Teams worked hard and:

cleared 31 properties and 2 roads of debris and more than 50 trees; covered damaged roofs; distributed more than 200 cs of water and 15+ cs non-perishable food to residents and linemen working to restore power.

For more photos from the Florida DRM, visit our Facebook album.


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DRM Update: Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Over the past two weeks, SDIA has deployed Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) to assist those affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. ROCKPORT & FULTON, TEXAS The DRT left Northwest AR on Thur., Sept. 14, and was followed on Sept. 16 by a team from Gunter & Smith Professional Cleaning Services (GSPCS) with heavy equipment, and two 26' trucks of supplies from GSPCS and Gary Eckel. Crews were able to set up their Command Center and had a secure area to stage equipment on Decker Womack's property.

From 9/14-19, the DRTs:

Cleared 15 properties of debris and large oak trees, where the two skid loaders with grapples proved invaluable; Distributed 1,200 cs of water; and Distributed clothing, hygiene supplies, diapers, cleaning and other supplies.

As Rockport's systems were restored, the DRT moved north to Fulton, which was practically destroyed by Harvey. DRTs finished up their work orders and began their return home 9/20.

TAMPA & JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Two DRTs made up of 15 SDIA members and volunteers conducted...

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