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Introducing the "Sheep Dog Nation Podcast," exclusively for veterans and first responders. Join us for candid conversations, expert insights, and heartfelt narratives, offering a safe and supportive space for these heroes to connect, share, and find solace. Subscribe today on YouTube to celebrate their indomitable spirit and honor their unwavering commitment.

Together, we are stronger.

Today is the 22nd anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks, and though we are long passed that initial devastation and recovery, many of the men and women who served at Ground Zero are still fighting.

Since those planes crashed and the World Trade Center buildings fell, an alarming number of first responders have been diagnosed with illnesses and cancers or have died because of exposure to toxins from the burning jet fuel, asbestos, chemicals and other materials at Ground Zero; it has been reported that the pH level in the air contaminants was equal to Drano. More than 8,600 firefighters answered the call to rescue...

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