SDIA’s Hog Hunt Gives the Joy of Hunting Back to Paralyzed Officer

SDIA hosted some very special Sheep Dogs March 8-11 for our annual Spring Hog Hunt, sponsored by Broadway Contracting LLC and Pro Trucks, Inc. of Siloam Springs, AR. Law enforcement officers Matt Crosby, Michael Rudden and Kerry Pippin were treated to tasty food, exceptional hunting, great conversation and the camaraderie they needed at Turtle Hole Ranch in Texas. This Hog Hunt was unique with the participation of St. Louis Police Officer Crosby. In April 2010, he was shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call and was paralyzed from the waist down; he is now wheel-chair bound and, until this weekend, had not been able to maneuver on hunting grounds. Two companies stepped up and made it possible for Crosby to fully participate in the hunt: Buckmasters - Northwest Arkansas Chapter donated a “track chair,” and Redneck Hunting Blinds donated two ground blinds which accommodated the chair.

A fellow hunter said that Crosby arrived at camp with his...

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Hunting, Golfing & Skydiving Weekend Gives Veterans Much-Needed Camaraderie

The weekend of March 1-4 saw eleven Sheep Dogs hunting, golfing, and jumping out of planes during our annual Spring Bird Hunt hosted by Bethel Ranch in Whitewright, Texas. Bethel Ranch and their staff took excellent care of Army veterans Joshua Franklin, Merrill White, Beau Saucier, Chance Giannelli, Rob Beidleman, Nick Atchison, and Jason Thompson, as well as Marine veterans James Dunaway, Robert J Houser, Michael Nimmo, and Air Force veteran Scott Lilley. From the food and camaraderie to game bird hunting, Bethel Ranch treated all our Sheep Dogs like kings; the staff at The Bridges Golf Club was also incredibly generous to them. Skydive Spaceland Dallas got them in the air and safely back down to the ground, giving each an epic adrenaline rush. Merrill White hadn’t really thought much about skydiving before, but “being with that group inspired me to do more. I was able to relax and have fun...

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SDIA’s First Outdoor Adventure of 2018

For three days, four sponsored Sheep Dogs and one support personnel ventured into the icy terrain and below freezing temperatures of Pocahontas, AR, to get their hunt on. The Sheep Dogs were welcomed to Fallin Feathers Duck Club by owners, Arthur and Monica Loyd. During their stay, the men hunted for pheasant, did some skeet shooting and relaxed with their peers. The sponsored Sheep Dogs enjoyed this all-expenses-paid get away with the support of Fallin Feathers. While these Outdoor Adventures may seem like a “free vacation,” there is much more going on than meets the eye. Our nation’s Sheep Dogs enjoy a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie in their military and first responder lives that is nearly impossible to replicate outside of those worlds. Add to this disconnected feeling an in-combat or line-of-duty injury, and these brave men and women often become depressed, isolated and lose their sense of purpose. By bringing these Sheep Dogs on an Outdoor Adventure, we...

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SDIA & Fallin Feathers Partner for Final 2017 Hunt

Last month, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) sent three Sheep Dogs in Need on our final Outdoor Adventure of 2017 . They were welcomed by Fallin Feathers Duck Club in Pocahontas, AR, for two exciting days of duck hunting December 12-14, 2017. In addition to incredible hunting grounds, the atmosphere at Fallin Feathers helped foster the camaraderie many Sheep Dogs search for outside their military and/or first responder professions. Getting injured veterans and first responders off the couch and around other Sheep Dogs who have been through similar situations is vital to inspiring a positive state of mind and perspective for the Sheep Dog and their family.

We are excited to announce Fallin Feathers will partner with SDIA for another hunt this month (January 15-18), and hopefully many more to come. Know of a Sheep Dog in need who would benefit from the camaraderie and excitement of our Outdoor Adventures? Go to for more...

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Christmas and Hunting Don’t Go Together…or Do They?

While they may not seem to go together - Christmas and hunting - for Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) and the brave men & women we serve, the idea behind both is the same: Helping Others is a Way of Life. We help the children of Sheep Dogs in need have a Merry Christmas by providing them with gifts and necessities their families are unable to give. And we help Sheep Dogs who have been wounded in combat or the line of duty go on all-expenses-paid Outdoor Adventures by collecting donations to sponsor them.

Why do we sponsor them for Outdoor Adventures? By getting them off the couch and engaged in a healthy activity - like obstacle course races, hunting, fishing, skydiving - with others who have been through similar traumatic experiences, they feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie that is non-existent in civilian life. Being able to share their struggles and emotions facilitates organic healing, and reminds them they...

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2017 Spring Outdoor Adventures

This spring has been a busy one for Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA), hosting four different Outdoor Adventures in three states, all within three months. This week's story will feature our annual Hog Hunt and Quail Hunt; watch next week for a story on our first Fishing Trip and our St. Louis Chapter's Muddy Adventure. Our Outdoor Adventure program came to be as we waited for disasters to which our disaster response teams could deploy and satisfy their innate desire to serve and help those around them. We needed a continued service opportunity that would keep our Sheep Dogs engaged, physically challenged and foster camaraderie. An obstacle course race fit the bill. SDIA has since expanded the adventures to include other outdoor activities like hunting & fishing trips, skydiving, scuba diving and more. For our sponsored Sheep Dogs (those injured in combat or the line of duty), these adventures present them with challenges that test their rehabilitation progress, restore independence and self-confidence,...

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Outdoor Adventures

Throughout the year, we host challenging events in which our fellow Sheep Dogs can participate. These adventures give them opportunities to get up off the couch, be around their peers, and reengage in life. Particularly for those injured in combat or the line of duty, SDIA's Outdoor Adventures give our Sheep Dogs a chance to see how far they have come since being injured, and remind them that no matter the obstacle, they can overcome it with their brothers and sisters by their side. As a result, participants have a new focus, revitalized self-confidence, and are reminded that they can continue making a difference in their communities and for their country. Past adventures have included obstacle races, skydiving, whitewater rafting, big game & bird hunts, ruck marches, and scuba diving.

Testimonials: Asheville Adventure Weekend & Spartan Super, August 6, 2016 - U.S. Navy veteran and firefighter, Jamie Smith, felt the Spartan Super's grueling 9-mile course and 25 obstacles provided the challenge he...

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SDIA’s 2015 Fall Hunt at Turkey Creek Ranch

The weekend of October 8-11 provided great weather, camaraderie and ample targets for the sponsored veterans and first responders at SDIA's 2015 Fall Hunt. Hosted by Broadway Contracting and ProTrucks of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, this biannual weekend of hunting at Turkey Creek Ranch in NW Texas never disappoints. Our sponsored combat wounded vets and first responders injured in the line of duty had the opportunity to relax and truly be themselves. Whether hunting wild boar or other game, testing their skills at target shooting, or simply bonding with fellow Sheep Dogs and supporters, the time spent here has a profound affect on participants. Often these men have not had someone they can talk with that has first-hand experience and understanding of their emotions and challenges. This peer support is invaluable and is a vital step in helping them. During this hunt we were able to honor the service and sacrifice of SGT. John Dunaway - US Army, CPL....

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SDIA Spring 2015 Hunt

Another great bi-annual Sheep Dog Hunt is in the books! Hunting at Turkey Ranch in NW Texas never disappoints, and our hosts (Broadway Contracting and ProTrucks of Siloam Springs, Arkansas) always deliver one of the best experiences around. But for our sponsored combat wounded vets and first responders injured in the line of duty, it's more than just a hunt for wild boar and other critters. Participating in the hunt allows them the opportunity to relax and be themselves around others who have survived similar experiences, and that’s hard to find for most of them. Whether hunting, target shooting, or another unique adventure, the chance to bond with fellow Sheep Dogs and supporters is priceless. During this hunt, we honored the service and sacrifice of SSG Zach Pryor (US Army), CPL Sebastian Gallegos (USMC), SGT Matthew Melancon (US Army), and MAJ Drew Gilchrist (USMC). Their dedication and commitment to our nation is to be commended, and the blood, sweat, and limbs...

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SDIA’s First Upland Game Bird Hunt

The weekend of March 27-29, 2015, boasted beautiful weather and excellent hunting conditions, and Bethel Ranch in north Texas provided the perfect location for a successful Upland Game Bird Hunt for Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) and sponsored participants Officer JR Boggs, Cpl. Cody Jones and Cpl. Sebastian Gallegos. JR Boggs, a police officer for Pasadena ISD in Texas, was a first responder sponsored to participate in the hunt. “It was an amazing experience,” he said. “Knowing that others – who I hadn’t even met yet – cared about me enough to give me a weekend away…it was astonishing.” Boggs was already looking forward to the hunt, but after responding to an early morning, horrific accident earlier that week, the timing could not have been any better. “The call came in at 7:15am,” he said. “15 minutes before my shift, while I was dropping off my 4-year-old son and almost 5-year-old daughter at preschool.” Boggs...

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