Christmas and Hunting Don’t Go Together…or Do They?

While they may not seem to go together – Christmas and hunting – for Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) and the brave men & women we serve, the idea behind both is the same: Helping Others is a Way of Life.
We help the children of Sheep Dogs in need have a Merry Christmas by providing them with gifts and necessities their families are unable to give. And we help Sheep Dogs who have been wounded in combat or the line of duty go on all-expenses-paid Outdoor Adventures by collecting donations to sponsor them.

Why do we sponsor them for Outdoor Adventures? By getting them off the couch and engaged in a healthy activity – like obstacle course races, hunting, fishing, skydiving – with others who have been through similar traumatic experiences, they feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie that is non-existent in civilian life. Being able to share their struggles and emotions facilitates organic healing, and reminds them they are never alone. They are reminded of who they are and that they can continue to make a difference for their country and communities no matter their injuries. Helping is Healing.
So you see, Christmas and hunting do go together, at least for SDIA and the heroes we serve, because our Christmas Outreach and Outdoor Adventures programs are all about helping. And “Helping Others is a Way of Life.”
If you’d like to donate to our Christmas Outreach and/or Outdoor Adventures programs, please click here. For more information about all our programs, visit our Mission & Programs page.

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