SDIA Completes First Disaster Response Mission to Bahamas

SDIA’s Disaster Response (DR) Team has returned home from the Bahamas after eight long days and nights of traveling to/from, and working in, the Bahamas. While they are physically exhausted, helping the Bahamian people begin to recover was a very powerful and rewarding experience for the entire team. The DRM Team was made up of 12 people – six from Northwest Arkansas (including SDIA’s founder & president, and three National Office staff members), two from the Central Florida Team, one from the Central North Carolina Team, one from the Southern Indiana Team, one from the Greater Cincinnati Chapter, and one from New York.

The work the DR Team completed in their two very full days made a huge difference in the lives of those they assisted. The Team:

assisted more than 300 people, including 5 former law enforcement officers (two with 30+ years of service); tarped 21 roofs, including a preschool/daycare; cleared 39 trees; mucked-out 3 houses; ...

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NEWS Coverage of DRM to Bahamas ‘ ‘  ...

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SDIA Deploys on Their First Disaster Response Mission Outside the US to Bahamas

For the first time in our history, #SDIA deployed a #DisasterResponse Team (DRT) outside of the US to the #Bahamas. The DRT departed on Wed., 9/11, and arrived in Miami, Florida, Thursday evening. The Team’s transportation to the Bahamas was originally slated for Fri., 9/13; however, Tropical Storm Humberto and logistical issues caused delays. We are happy to report that the Team disembarked the ship for relief efforts the morning of Mon., Sept. 16, and immediately went to work helping Bahamians by covering leaking roofs and windows, removing trees and debris from homes & properties, and distributing supplies. You can follow our Bahamas #DisasterResponseMission (DRM) right here, and on our social media pages (Facebook @SheepDogIA; Instagram @sheep_dog_impact_assistance). Want to know where they're at? You can see their location in real time by clicking this link: We need your support so that our DRT can help as many people as possible! Please join our Team...

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Veterans, First Responders Deploy as Disaster Season Starts Early and Hits Hard

SDIA's 2019 Disaster Season Starts Early

The 2019 storm season started off much earlier than usual across the US, hitting the central portion particularly hard. But Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) Disaster Response members and volunteers were ready.

Since March, SDIA’s Disaster Response (DR) teams have already deployed on 9 Disaster Response Missions (DRMs) to areas affected by tornadoes and flooding in Alabama, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Kansas and Arkansas. Our DR teams - made up of 128 SDIA members from our Central Arkansas Chapter, Central Florida Team, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Kansas Chapter, Mississippi Team, North Texas Chapter, Northwest Arkansas Chapter, Southern Indiana Team, and Southern Missouri Team, as well as members & volunteers from Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia - have spent 24 days on missions so far. They cleared more than 372 trees & truckloads of debris from 50+ properties, mucked out many homes, distributed medical, cleaning, hygiene...

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SDIA Sending 2nd Disaster Response Team for Hurricane Michael Recovery Operations

During our first deployment to northwestern Florida for Hurricane Michael recovery efforts, we accomplished a lot of great work. Even though we're not seeing the devastation as much in the media, there is still an enormous amount of work to do. To that end, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) will send a second deployment of Disaster Response (DR) Teams to northwestern Florida from November 12-19. DR Volunteers from across the country will join in the tree & debris removal, covering leaking roofs, and other recovery efforts. But we won't be successful without YOUR support. #GetOffTheCouch with us! If you are willing and able to deploy for up to 4 work days anytime during this period, review the linked info ( and contact (If you are not currently an SDIA Member/Volunteer, please sign up prior to volunteering for this DR mission at #Donate to become part of our DR team! With this deployment, SDIA is again asking for gift...

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How You Can Help Carolina Flood Victims story by Phil Briggs (9/20/18, 12:45pm)

Sergeant Major Lance Nutt had barely finished his retirement ceremony last Thursday, when he packed his bags, loaded up trailers and headed to Wilmington, NC, along with members of the organization he founded, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA).
“Just getting into areas like Lumberton and Wilmington, NC was next to impossible because the roads were either completely flooded, or washed out,” he says.
SDIA’s Initial Response Team members are no strangers to disaster relief.  The veteran-staffed relief organization was on site to assist residents after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas one year ago.  Now, as a tent city comes together in a Home Depot parking lot in North Carolina, they have 60-100 veterans who break into teams to perform chainsaw work and delivery of food and supplies.
Home Depot and Operation BBQ Relief have been great.  They’ve partnered with us and are making it possible for us to get the supplies and deliver meals. We’re currently packing over 300 meals for delivery today,”  says Nutt.
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SDIA Deploys Disaster Response Teams to North Carolina

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence has slammed North and South Carolina with life-threatening storm surges, heavy rains and severe flooding. On Friday, September 14, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) sent a small Disaster Response (DR) team to the coast to assess damage and needs. A second DR team (DRT #2) deployed from the Center for Nonprofits in Rogers on Monday, September 17, bringing with them 30+ SDIA members from numerous chapters and teams, as well as tools, fuel and supplies to conduct recovery efforts, including tree and debris removal and muck-out operations.

On Saturday, the six-man DRT #1 arrived in Lumberton, NC, and worked alongside the #CajunNavy and other organizations to rescue and evacuate residents trapped by fast-rising floodwaters. DRT #1 also helped clear downed trees from one property and Highway 41 allowing motorists continue on their way. Sunday the team began making their way toward the Wilmington, NC, area. By Tuesday, seven SDIA teams and chapters will have deployed members, with more adding...

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SDIA’s 6th Annual Heroes Gala to Help Veterans, First Responders Get Off The Couch

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) will host their 6th Annual Heroes Gala on Saturday, April 21, 2018, from 5:30-11:00PM at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center in Rogers. This year’s Heroes Gala will include a limited-seating VIP Reception at 4:30pm, followed by a social hour and silent auction bidding, a short ceremony, dinner and dancing. Awards to honor those Sheep Dogs who have lived out the SDIA motto, “Helping Others is a Way of Life,” will be presented to Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire & Rescue “Sheep Dogs of the Year.” Funds raised during the evening will be used to help more of our nation's Sheep Dogs #GetOffTheCouch with SDIA’s Disaster Response and Outdoor Adventure programs.

Guest speaker, SSgt Jose Sanchez (USMC, Ret.), and emcee, Cpl Aaron P. Mankin (USMC, Ret.), will entertain and inspire attendees with their life stories and anecdotes throughout the evening. SSgt Sanchez is an active SDIA member who suffered severe injuries...

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